1.  Sacrilege
Bruce Babbitt. Courtesy of Klee
Benally taken from the Snowbowl
Effect Documentary  

2. Honor the People – Casper
Courtesy of 3rd Mesa Music

3. Reservations – Bigg Trub f/ D.I.
Courtesy of Izm Pakt Productions

4. Rez’d Out – Maniac.
Produced by Maniac
Courtesy of Night Shield

5. Unearth – Aztlan Underground.
Produced and engineered by
Cesar Mejia at CSUDH studios.
Music and lyrics Aztlan

6. Too Long – Yaiva.
Produced by Infamy the Chosen
Courtesy of 4th World

7. Rain – JayNez.
Produced by JayNez.
Courtesy of Dream 1 Records

8. Horror Story – Manik.
Produced by DJ Sichuan.
Courtesy of Dropoutz Recordings.

9. Why -  Shatta I.
Produced by Zionway Sound
Courtesy of I.N.I Management

10. Lightning Strikes – Nakai tha
BlkCrow & DJ Odysey of Soul
Tribe Produced by DJ Odysey.
Courtesy of Soul Tribe Music

11. Broken Jaw – RedCloud &
Braille Produced by Sir Roc Domz
Courtesy of Syntax Records

12. Eagle RedDay  
Produced by Sir Nasty
Courtesy of Hunter Redday

13. As We Elevate – Project X.
Produced by Danny Boy.
Courtesy of Studio X Productions

14. Adolescence – Night Shield &
Overflow. Produced by Overflow
Courtesy of Night Shield Ent.

15. Knowledge – Bomb Legacy
Produced by Bomb Legacy.
Courtesy of Status Quo Ent.

16. What’s Truth - SupaMan
Produced by Supaman
Courtesy of Lions Den Recordings

17.        Mother Earth – Ras K’Dee.
Courtesy of Ras K’Dee

18. Is anyone listening – Cora Max
Courtesy of Klee Benally taken
from the Snowbowl Effect
Executive Producers – Kelvin Long for
ECHOES & Gabriel Yaiva for4th World

Thanks to the creator for giving us a
sacred mountain to fight for and the voice
to fight those that have no voice. Thanks
and blessings to all the artist who
contributed their time and donated
tracks to the Save The Peaks
Compilation. Thanks  to everyone involved
in the struggle.   
Now Available in a store near you
or e-mail for ways to order online.

The Save the Peaks movement
was formed by the Indigenous
Native Peoples of Northern
Arizona and throughout
Arizona to address the dire need
to raise awareness for the
protection the sacred San
Francisco Peaks.

The San Francisco Peaks are
sacred to 13 tribes in
the southwest including the
Dine’ (Navajo), Hopi, Zuni,
Havasupai, Hualapai, Apache,
Tohono O’Odoham and San
Juan Southern Paiute.

"The Peaks" as they are
commonly referred to, are
under constant threat of
destruction, mutilation,
disrespect, and cultural
genocide by ski resort
corporations and by mining
companies whose only view is
to exploit the mountain for
monetary gain and to provide

To the 13 tribes that hold The
Peaks sacred, they will never
be looked at as something to
exploit for frivolous gain.
Instead, they are cultural
sources that the people draw
strength from, a place to gather
medicines that can cure
ills that effect the people,
and home of the spirits
who take care of the people,
animals and the Earth.

For the Dine (Navajo) The
Peaks are one of the four
sacred mountains that mark
their ancestral homeland.

To the Hopi they are the home
of the Katsina spirits who look
after the Earth and the Beings
who inhabit it. Please join us in
our fight to end the further
destruction, mutilation and
disrespect of Indigenous
cultures, religions and our
Mother, the Earth.

Doko’oo’sliid (Dine’) – "Shining
On Top"

Nuvatukaovi (Hopi) - "The Place
of Snow on the Very Top"

Protect The San Francisco Peaks
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