YAIVA - LIFE (2 Disc Album)
1. "Savage Anthem"

2. "Miss U"

3. "Call My Name" w Santino

4. "It's Going Down" w Night Shield &

5. "Can't Stop - Won't Stop"

6. "NDN Summer"

7. "Another Day"      

8. "Who Stole The Soul" w Nakai tha
BLK Crow

9. "Indigenous But Gangsta"

10. "Break Ups To Make Ups"

11. "It's Okay" w DJ KISS

12. "Picture Perfect" w Night Shield,
Young Trev & Maniac

13. "Absolute"

14. "Red Chili" w Manzaneta Fire

15. "She Don't Know" Raw Remix

16. "Too Cold"

17. "Everyday"

18. "Many Ways To Grow Corn" w DJ
The new album from Hopi-Dine'
hip-hop mogul, Yaiva, includes 18
new tracks plus “Call My Name”.
which is the current radio single
that is getting play currently on
over 25 indigenous radio stations.

This is Yaiva's most anticipated
album and is the most personal
recording to date. The delivery is
top notch, mature and his (Yaiva's)
best work to date with educated,
conscious and hardcore hip-hop

Album also includes “Make Ups 2
Break Ups”, “Savage Anthem”,
“NDN Summer”, “Who Stole The
Soul?” “Picture Perfect” featuring
2007 NAMMY winner Night Shield
and “It's Okay” with DJ Kiss and
much more hard hitting hip-hop.

The first 1000 copies include a
FREE 2nd album of 6 never
released before bonus songs and
a 30 minute live interview on
KBOO FM - Portland, Oregon.

Below is the album cover for the
bonus disc and a listing of the
tracks on the Bonus Disc.
YAIVA - LIFE - In Stores Now
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4th World
1. Make Things Happen
2. Ain't No Shame
3. Rippin' It
4. Meant
5. Under The Gun
6. Rippin It Remix w DJ He Took
7. KBOO Interview
8. Introduction

9. History
10. The Voice
11. The Bizness
12. Transformation

13. The Program
14. Darkside Symphonies
15. Peace & Balance
16. Collaborators 1
17. Collaborators 2
18. Native Renaissance

19. Joke Signals
20. Native World Network
21. Super Hippie

22. Closing