JAYNEZ - "Do U Wanna Dance?" 2006 "3" Time Winner 19th Annual
New Mexico Music Awards!
1. "You're Never Gonna Find"
f/Rodney of Smoov Reign
2. "Do U Wanna Dance?"
f/Smoov Reign

3. "Never Gonna Luv Again"
4. "Until U Rescued"        
5. "Heart Of Mine" (acoustic
6. "Rain Rain, Please Just Go
Away" f/Menahj         

7. "So What Do U Say?"      
8. "Got To Give It Up" f/Vic D.

9. "At Da Club" by "D" f/JAYNEZ  
10. "You Name It" by Vic D.  
The highly anticipated
follow-up album from JAYNEZ.
Features JAYNEZ's prior group
Smoov Reign from Fontana, CA.

Also featuring: "D", Vic. D. &

This album grasps the human
life's experiences with love's
smiles and cries, to the
care-free spirit of living in the
moment and enjoying the fun
of it.

Once again, JAYNEZ has put
forth another great album with
something for every music
lover to enjoy.

"Heart Of Mine" recreated as a
cleverly put together acoustic

Latin rhythms laced with catchy
guitar strings, take the listener
on a smooth ride.

Club beats are present for he
energized, as well as the deep
heart-touching ballads that set
JAYNEZ well apart vocally from
the norm.

Many fans of the great Old
Skool sound, will definitely
appreciate a splendid and rare
remake of the classic Marvin
Gaye hit song "Got To Give It
Up" featuring Vic D.

To top the album off adding to
it's flavor, the talented and
beautifully voiced Denae aka
"D" compliments the album
with her solo debut song "At
Da Club" featuring JAYNEZ.
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