JAYNEZ - "My Family" 2005 NAMMY winner "Debut Artist of The Year!"
1. "Off Pops Ya Bra"       

2. "My Family"     

3. "I Still Luv U" f/"D"    

4. "How Can U Say?"       

5. "5'O'Clock" f/Vic D.      

6. "Out Of My Head"         

7. "In The Sky"       

8. "Heart Of Mine"   

9. "Loving U"         

10. "Did U Know" f/The Dragon

11. "That's What I Would Do"  

12. "Ladies In Waiting" by
Justified f/JAYNEZ   

13. "I Ain't Gotta Lie" by
Justified f/JAYNEZ  
This album was written and
produced by Jovanii
(JAYNEZ) Nez over a time
period of about thirteen

This album reflects, not only
the life of JAYNEZ, but the
maturity of his vocal ability
over the time period in which
this album has been created.

This album has been a long
time coming for JAYNEZ and
is long overdue.

Featuring artists such as
Justified, "D", Vic D, and The
Dragon, have added some
diversity which compliments
the album.

"Heart Of Mine" particularily
stands out for this album as a
song that could reach just
about any target audience.
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