4WENT is a independent record label that has released all of Yaiva's albums
including Straight Heat, Limited Edition, For The People - EP and The Fire
Starter compilation, also DJ Young Native's Summer 05 Mixtape, and
co-sponsored 2005 NAMMY winner JayNez's 1st album, "My Family", plus
Co-executive produced the Winter Solstice - Save The Peaks Compilation.

4WENT is also releasing 3 more albums in 2007. These include the "DJ Kiss
& Yaiva 07' Mixtape", JayNez's 2nd solo album, "Do You Wanna Dance" and
Yaiva's newest solo album titled "LIFE".

Yaiva is the main artist on 4WENT but works in collaboration with many artists
making music and assisting in releasing and promoting records. JayNez for
instance is with Dream 1 Records and DJ Kiss is with Shiwi Style
Entertainment but all three work very closely together in music, shows and
community work.

4th World Entertainment also specializes in promotion. 4WENT has been a
part of such shows as the Bone Thugs and Harmony tour in the southwest,
and shows with Too, Short, MC Magic, Mr. Capone-E, Bushwick Bill of the
Geto Boys, plus over 2 dozen local and Native hip-hop shows.
(See flyers
from various shows).

One of the most successful shows was the 2007 Native American Heritage
Showcase that took place at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Flagstaff, AZ
on November 18th. This event nearly had an attendence of capascity "this is
the first time in 6 years we have had to open the balcony" said Orpheum
manager, Thomas. Artists on the bill included Native America's premier
comedy duo - James and Ernie, 2006 Grammy reciepient - Star Nayea, 2004
Grammy nominee - Kelvin Mockingbird, Hopi dancers and much more. The
event was a fund raiser for the Peace and Balance Project. Click here for
more info.
4th World