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Features Angel Deluna, Casper,
Bigg Trub, Night Shield, DJ SOE
28 Tha Native, Project X, 4SEEN
Meelo 63,  and much much more.
Straight Heat

1. Straight Heat

2. Move Em

3. That's that sound

4. In My Blood

5. Down 4 A Struggle

6. Straight Heat Dubb Remix

7. Freaky Girls

8. Lost Souls

9. Hostile Takeover

10. The Chosen

11. Something You Can Ride 2

12. Straight Heat - Chopped and

13. .In My Blood - Instrumental
Straight Heat is the first full-album
release from Yaiva / 4Went.

This album blew the doors open
for northern AZ and set Yaiva on a
promising career.

Straight Heat was one of the best
selling indie albums in the
southwest in 2004 and is still
moving a steady number of units.

This success of this album was
due to its lyrical consciousness
delivery and the equally amount of
raw street appeal and of course its
raw appeal to the females.

Straight Heat is a well balance
hip-hop album in its purest form.

The album host coscious tracks
like "Thats That Sound" and "Lost

It also has something for the ladies
with "Down 4 A Struggle", this
track has gone on to be a Native
radio favorite.

Also there is something for the
hardcore with "In My Blood" and
much more.
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