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YAIVA - LIFE ( 2 Disc Album )
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The new album from Hopi-Dine' hip-hop mogul, Yaiva,
includes 18 new tracks plus “Call My Name”.which is the
current radio single that is getting play currently on over
25 indigenous radio stations.
DJ Kiss & Yaiva - 08' Mixtape

The HOT new mixtape from New Mexico's hottest
mixmaster, DJ KISS featuring new mixtape tracks from
YAIVA and tracks off of the LIFE album.

Check for it in the Fall of "08. Features new tracks such
as "What A Job", "WTF - Steel Heated Remix", "Wanna
Know U", "Underdawgs" and much more hard to find
mixtape tracks.
Darkside Symphonies - Metal Compilation

A heavy metal compilation sponsored by the Peace &
Balance Project that ventures to the dark side of urban
music in an effort to reach urban youth in a totally
different but still very urban sector.

Metal a much over look sector of urban music is brought
here by many top Native metal bands in this impressive
and eye opening compilation. Includes music by
Ashtaroth, Native Blood, Existence A.D., Fracture Point
and much more.
This is Yaiva's most anticipated album and is the most personal recording to
date. The delivery is top notch, mature and his (Yaiva's) best work to date
with educated, conscious and hardcore hip-hop rhymes.

Album also includes “Make Ups 2 Break Ups”, “Savage Anthem”, “NDN
Summer”, “Who Stole The Soul?” “Picture Perfect” featuring 2007 NAMMY
winner Night Shield and “It's Okay” with DJ Kiss and much more hard hitting
The first 1000 copies include a FREE 2nd album of 6 never released before
bonus songs and a 30 minute live interview on KBOO FM - Portland, Oregon.
Yaiva Present's The Fire Starter Compilation
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Yaiva mos def brings the fire with 2007 hottest compilation. This is a collection
of underground's sure fire starters.

Including tracks from Quese iMC, Buggin Malone,
Night Shield, Maniac, Illumination, Bomb Legacy and Yaiva to name a few.  A
most have true hip-hop heads.
DJ Kiss & Yaiva - 07' Mixtape

2007 hottest mixtape, this is really what a mixtape is and should be. DJ KISS
takes us back to the days of straight mixing and blending and Yaiva takes us
to a place of straight rhyming over a combined 23 tracks.

This mixtape was the only of its kind to be featured and released on national
mixtape sites along side Snoop Dogg's new mixtape and The Game's newest
mixtape offering.

There are many hard to find tracks featured here including "Thinking Bout U",
"Release", "Imagine", "That's That Sound Remix", and many more sure fire
underground hits.
JayNez - Do U Wanna Dance
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The “2005 NAMMY recipient for Best Debut Artist of the Year” of Dine',
Nambe' Pueblo, Cheyenne R&B singer delivers another smooth album of
real rhythm and blues classics.

This album was JayNez's most anticipated albums after his first ground
breaking album. Their is a lot of maturity exhibited in this album and growth
in vocal range in this amazing album.

Album includes “Never Gonna Luv Again”, “DO U Wanna Dance”,
"U Name It” and the amazing JayNez rendition of the Marvin Gaye classic
“Gotta Give It Up”.
Winter Solstice - The Save The Peaks Compilation
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This is a very important album and is still very relevent with the recent District
8 Court ruling in the favor of the US Forest Servicce.
The album was more then entertainment, it was a vehicle to educate about
the destruction that is happening to the San Francisco Peaks and sacred
sites around the world.

The momentum and energy that was put into this album was amazing and
those that gave of themselves have made this a much sought after release.
The album features Casper Loma-Dawa, Bigg Trub, JayNez, RedCloud, Aztlan
Underground, SupaMan, Ras K'Dee and Yaiva.
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Yaiva's best selling album thus far with songs from this album being played
on over 100 radio stations and some of the most downloaded on the internet.

Album includes “Down 4 A Struggle”, the 2006 radio single with Angel
DeLuna, “We Run The Streets”, the songs that was voted in the top 40 out
of 10,000 independent artists, “Steel Heated”, the underground smash and
dedication to Native survivors of Hurricane Katrina, “Counting Coup”, the
radio single from the FOR THE PEOPLE – EP and “Natural High” made
for and featured on the 2006 Native American Film Awards recipient for
Best Documentary.
JayNez - My Family
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The album that took home the “2005 NAMMY Award for Best Debut Artist”.
JayNez of the Dine', Nambe Pueblo, Cheyenne Nations stormed the Native
music scene with this offering of pure Rhythm and Blues from a Native artist
that was not heard like this before.

This album includes tracks with Grammy winners Missy Elliot and Sisqo of Dru
Hill. Tracks include “Loving U” with Sisqo, “I Still Luv U”, “My Family”, “Heart of
Mine and many more smooth R&B songs.
Yaiva - Straight Heat
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The album the was the underground best seller of 2004 and was Yaiva's first
full-length albums and is now available again.

A majority of this album was recorded in Seattle with Tommy T, one the the
hip-hop industries top producers who is credited for working on the multi-
platinum album “Mack Daddy” from Sir Mix A-Lot which included that number
one single “Baby Got Back”.

This album has been called “one of the purest hip-hop albums to come out of
the Southwest” from hip-hop insiders and critics. This is due to musical
offerings such as “In My Blood” featuring Che' Glawnii', “Down 4 A Struggle”
with Eagle Man RedDay, “Lost Souls”, “That's That Sound” and “Straight
Yaiva - For The People - EP
This album has been discontinued.
This EP was a an effort to quite hunger pains heard from fans and supporters
alike while the new album was being finished. This turned out to be some
what of a ground breaking album in it self.

Tracks such as "Counting Coup", "Hustling" and "For So Long" did their job.
This also introduced a gifted R&B singer, JayNez with whom the Dream Team
was later formed including also DJ Kiss and Yaiva.
Below are photos of album covers of some of the past
features Yaiva has appeared on.
Straight Heat
JayNez My Family
Limited Edition
JayNez Do U Wanna Dance?
DJ Kiss and Yaiva 07' Mixtape
Darkside Symphonies
DJ Kiss and Yaiva 08' Mixtape

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